Wangaratta Family History Society Inc.


We are currently in the process of relocating from 100 Murphy Street, Wangaratta and as yet do not have a new space finalised however we are continuing to operate remotely, accepting research, general enquiries and appointments through this website, our email, facebook or telephone. Please check our "Contact Page" for updated details.

The internet is a valuable aid to research into family history.

This website contains a variety of information relating to family history and genealogy, including guides, indexes and digitised images of documents. We also provide links to other informative sites both in Australia and overseas that include pathways to make contact with other family historians via indexed family trees, mailing lists and bulletin boards.

A number of online resources for family history can be located via our indexes page.

We have a variety of resources available to you, some of these are subscription resources which can only be accessed by supporting us and becoming a member or by paying the relevant research online. The resources are also available to view in the Library's Wangarratta reading rooms.

Start your journey, explore our online indexes.

Our indexes include records from the following locations

  • Boralma School Past Pupils
  • Bowmans Forest Burials
  • Cornishtown School Past Pupils
  • Daisy Park Private Burials
  • Eldorado Burials
  • Handley Funeral Records
  • High Country Index
  • Milawa Burials
  • Milawa Death Notices
  • Petition for Marriage Stray BDM Transcriptions
  • Rutherglen Burials
  • School Honour Boards WW1
  • Springhurst Narimga Burials
  • Springhurst School Past Pupils
  • Tate Funeral Records
  • Wangaratta Burials
  • Whitfield (Hyem) Burials